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JINAN NUOZHONG CNC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is high-tech enterprise. Professional R & D, design, manufacturing balancing machines and CNC machining equipment. The company hired a team of experienced specialists and CNC equipment manufacturing balancing expert, set up R & D team; balancing machines we chase the world's latest technology, the new technology to digestion and absorption and re-innovation, continuous improvement and improve their products . The company is now balancing machines including universal joints driven lap belt driven, single vertical machine, fan, crankshaft, drive shaft balancing machine six series, dozens of different types of balancing machines; including universal , special type, soft and hard supporting other categories. Test unit uses advanced electrical components, sophisticated intelligent control, color screen display. Can realize man-machine dialogue, parameter input, testing and results are stored printing. Software included with the product development and continuous upgrading. High-precision measurement systems, sensitive sensing element, precision drive, reasonable mechanical structure, beautiful appearance equipment to meet the production enterprises to balance the machine needs. Our products have been widely used in motors, fans, pumps, automotive, textile, chemical, agricultural machinery, ships, internal combustion engine, petroleum machinery, paper machinery, etc., to minimize the mechanical parts in the work of the vibration and noise to help users improve the product quality and extend the life of the product. Bring greater economic benefits for customers while achieving the value of the company, with customers to achieve a win-win. The user's needs is our first work goal. The company pursues "first-class quality, first-class service, first-class benefits, first-class enterprise." With advanced technology and standardized management, quality products and advanced services contributing to society. Connaught Public Integrity phase is CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Jinan same purpose!

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