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※?????Industrial control computer 19 "LCD color screens
※?????WidowsChinese and English system double choice
※?????With GB-2000 general microcomputer balance measuring system
※?????Automatic program-controlled amplifier module
※?????Any workpiece scaling function, arbitrary Angle clamp compensating and workpiece information storage
※?????Qualified quantity showed that adjustment function measurement cycle
※?????Signal amplifier amplification and manual adjustment, signal self-check, automatic diagnosis
※?????Vector graphics, waveform and out of balance, shows at the same time
※?????Surplus balabcing g and unbalanced torque, the g cm, g mm can choose to display
※?????Optional function
1、?????????Balance Angle automatic tracking function
2、?????????Parking automatic positioning function
3、?????????Vector Angle function decomposition

※????Lathe bed according to user requirements lengthen
※????Supporting shaft neck can according the user demand increased

Characteristics: this series is hard supporting horizontal dynamic balance machine, with roller bearing, the circle take drag, regular for double speed motor drive, "A" type for frequency conversion motor speed and frequency converter, the industrial control computer for data processing, color screen real-time display don’t balance phase Angle and value, real-time speed, lathe bed all use whole casting, the stability is good.Widely used in electric motors, blower, diesel engine, auto parts, etc, can be in the single side, double side and multiple correction plane balance measurement, suitable for axle, dish out and center of gravity of the rotor. Have high efficiency, precision accurate, show intuitional, reliable quality, easy maintenance, the characteristics of software with ordinary workpiece and standard rotor two calibration function, overcoming the other hard supporting balance machine measurement system to users to calibration equipment of the defect, and a variety of measurement method and function to choose, can realize the input parameters, preview, the experiment, the results storage, print, operating all adopt the localization menu structure, the man-machine dialogue, automatic hints.

Technology parameters

Mass scope of workpiece kg
Biggest diameter workpiece mm
Two span of supports mm
With a diameter circle in drag mm
Trunnion support mm
Balancing speed r/min
Min achievable residual unbalance amount
Unbalance reduction ratio%
Motor power
mode of speed regulation
Variable frequency speed regulation
Transmission model
Circle with


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